In early April, Spain’s Supreme Court partially overturned, on procedural grounds, several far-reaching advertising restrictions. Trade association Jdigital launched a suit against Royal Decree 958/2020, resulting in this ruling. At least for now, one outcome of the verdict is that Spain’s advertising landscape is once again in flux.
The Supreme Court ruling will be a major topic at the upcoming Gaming in Spain Conference. It’s on May 6 in Madrid.
The Conference will also focus on cross-operator deposit limits in the Spanish market (expected from 2025). It will cover central problem gambling detection algorithms overseen by the national regulator. Also, it will discuss the regulatory room for new live game products.
A wide array of highly expert speaker including Santiago Asensi (Spain’s leading gambling lawyer), Jorge Hinojosa (Jdigital Director General), Jose Giacomelli (MGA Games General Manager), Javier Sacristan Franco (R Franco Digital and Operations Director), Maarten Haijer (EGBA Secretary General), and a lot more.
The 2024 Gaming in Spain Conference will feature compliance-related breakout sessions on e-money, compliance management, smart training solutions, and KYC best practices, alongside the main program.
On May 6, the 2024 GiS Conference will take place at Castellana 81. It is located inside the BBVA tower. This is an iconic example of contemporary Spanish architecture in Madrid. FIJMA24 is Spain’s leading land-based gambling event. The GiS Conference is scheduled one day prior to this. It will be like two events with one visit.