CBA or The Chinese Men’s Professional Basketball League has announced an extension to its media collaboration with Sportradar.

The continuation of the strategic partnership aims to strengthen the integrity of the CBA. It also seeks to bring a bigger spotlight to the Chinese language. Sportradar is an industry leader in broadcasting and has a large foothold internationally in gaming and online casino markets.
The technological team-up with the CBA will bring regular season coverage of over 550 games. It will also cover post-season games and provide short-form video highlights.
To enhance its global reach, The Chinese Men’s Professional Basketball League is leveraging broadcasting partnerships. It’s also utilizing the extensive network of the media company. Streaming services will bring more international fans into the fold, building upon the league’s viewership.
More clients will also join the Sportradar fold to play casino games. They will also access the company’s 300 virtual sportsbooks worldwide.
Ben Turner is from Sportradar. He serves as the Head of Sports Content and Partnerships, APC. He’s also the Head of Global Basketball. Turner commented on the collaboration.
He said that Sportradar is the unparalleled partner to propel CBA League towards previously untapped levels of global visibility. Absolutely! With Sportradar’s dedication, basketball’s global appeal for both the CBA League and its clients will soar to new heights.
Sportradar has strong links to other popular leagues around the world. The media giant currently has deals in place with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation. They also have agreements with the NBA, the National Basketball Association, and the LNB, the French Basketball League. Additionally, they have deals with the TBF, the Turkish Basketball Federation.
Shirley Lv, during the negotiation of the continued deal, expressed delight in extending the partnership with Sportradar. She believes it will open up enriched possibilities for the CBA League. This is because of the company’s extensive experience and recent track record. It will also raise further awareness for the league.