Thailand’s Technology Crime Suppression Bureau police have successfully dismantled a major illegal online gambling network. It has over 200, 000 members as registered gamblers.
Authorities arrested four suspects, including the ring’s manager and financial officials, as a result of the crackdown. This was during coordinated raids in Bangkok across 12 locations.
Thai police conducted the raids primarily in upscale housing units and condominiums. The locations were in the Phahonyothin, Asoke, Sukhumvit, Lat Phrao, and Pathumwan areas.
Seizing assets totaled to approximately 320 million THB or $8.9 million. The confiscated items include seven luxury cards valued at over 40 million THB or $1.1 million, 23 million THB or $642, 100 in bank deposits, 14 million THB or $390, 952 gold ornaments. Aside from these, Budda amulets worth 75 million THB or $2.1 million, brand name products totaling about 50 million THB or $1.4 million, and real estate with an estimated value of 127 million THB or $3.5 million.
“fullplays39” allegedly maintained a monthly cash flow of 480 million THB or $13.4 million. Thai authorities may have issued warrants for the arrests of 16 individuals, primarily those involved in opening “mule” bank accounts for the racket, with only four individuals arrested so far.