The upcoming cabinet meeting next week will feature the presentation of study results to legalize casinos and entertainment complexes in Thailand. This is according from the Bangkok’s Post report.
Julapun Amornvivat is the Deputy Finance Minister. He is acting as the chairman of the ordinary committee of the House of Representatives. Amornvivat will present the findings of a comprehensive study on the matter.
If endorsed by the cabinet, a government agency will oversee the project and draft legislation for parliamentary review. Confining gambling activities to designated areas within the complexes, with strict prohibitions on online gambling due to difficulties in regulation, specifically concerning the protection of minors is the aim of the proposed legislation.
Julapun emphasized that the entertainment complexes in Thailand will involve investments exceeding to THB100 billion or $2.72 billion for each venue. Furthermore, the selection of construction sites for these entertainment complexes will prioritize accessibility through modern transportation infrastructure, like high-speed railways or airports.
In addition to this, he stressed that these complexes will offer more than just gambling. It has plans to incorporate different entertainment options like world-class concerts and potentially even a Disneyland. This aims to generate employment opportunities and stimulus economic growth.
Even though the notion of introducing casinos in the country has been debated for over thirty years, it is only now being seriously considered. Julapun believes that it could notably boost economic development both directly and indirectly, if implemented properly. Nonetheless, he underscored the need for strict regulations and clear designation of locations to prevent any potential negative impacts.
The project remains in the study phase as of now, drawing on insights and experiences from other countries’ operations.