Thailand’s move towards a legal gambling environment faces obstacles due to a crackdown on the illegal gambling market. The country is taking rapid steps, with police aiming to dismantle operations even as legislation progresses.

Previously, Thai authorities initiated a crackdown operation called “ZERO BET”. Based on the reports, the operation has disrupted the online gambling sphere by taking two illegal gambling platforms to pieces.
This operation led to the seizure of cash and high-end items. It totals to nearly THB10 million or $270,000 in cash and goods valued at over THB60 million or $1.6 million.
On the other hand, the government is investigating another case involving the alleged linkage between the police chief and a gambling in Thailand.
In early May, Thai Deputy Police Chief Surachate Hakparn reportedly faced allegations of involvement in money laundering linked to illicit online gambling networks.
The Royal Thai Police in the country declared the intention to build a committee tasked with investigating the deputy national police.
On May 1, the police announced at the Technology Crime Suppression Division in Mueang Thong Thani the results of their operation. The successful raid originated from a search warrant given by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court. It targeted a four-story commercial building in Bang Kruai district. Authorities suspected this location of being a hub for online betting networks.
During the raid, they arrested two women. A 34-year-old Chutima and a 33-year-old Sumalee. Police seized cash amounting to 9.2 million baht or US$250,000, luxury cars, motorcycles, mobile phones, and other valuable items.
Chutima admitted that she managed the finances of the betting websites. She followed the directions from her partner, Kanokphan. She was responsible for cash withdrawals from dummy accounts every three days, as well as storing the money at her home. Then, it would be given to the owners and partners monthly. This will earn them profits of 9 to 10 million baht or US$3.2 million annually. Kanokphan’s sister, Sumalee, was also incriminated in handling initial cash transactions.