Experts say social impacts should be considered. They also say better control of existing illegal activities is important. The Thai government could raise significant tax revenue from allowing a legal gambling industry to grow.

Experts have also warned of the need to install carefully considered guardrails on any future gaming industry. This is in connection to Thai decision-makers consider a move to legalise gambling in the country. It wil lbe done by opening its own casinos at Singapore-style integrated resorts and allowing online betting sites as well.
The measures may include adopting something similar to Singapore’s model. Local players have restrictions placed on them, such as entry levies and exclusionary orders. The purpose of this is to bar visits to casinos at integrated sports. The purpose is also to keep online gambling outlawed for now.
However, without tackling illegal gambling, there are deeper concerns. One reason is the continuous thriving in Thailand’s border towns and on the internet. Legal casinos would provide more opportunities for people to bet on. The Thai parliament established a 60-member committee in late 2023 to study legalizing gambling and casinos. They aim to provide more opportunities for people to bet on in Thailand’s border towns and on the internet. They describe them as entertainment complexes.
Mr Julapun Amornvivat is Thailand’s Deputy Minister of Finance. Members of parliament both in government and opposition support the committee.
The only countries in Southeast Asia that ban gambling are Indonesia and Brunei, apart from Thailand. The legalization of the industry in Thailand could place it in direct competition with some of its regional neighbors. This competition would be for gambling-related tourism revenue.
Thailand expects big overseas industry players to line up for licenses to operate casinos. Some of the companies that have expressed potential interest are Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts. Las Vegas Sands owns Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.
The legalization of gambling would follow other recent measures the Thai government has launched to draw visitors and raise revenue.