Authorities arrested three A-League football players a few weeks ago, dealing a blow to Australian soccer. This is as part of a monthslong investigation into alleged corruption in betting.

The New South Wales state police and the UK Gambling Commission began an examination in December of last year. They investigated alleged yellow card manipulation by players linked to a southwestern Sydney club.
The investigation revealed a shocking scheme. A senior player allegedly took instructions from a South American contact. He organized for yellow cards to occur during specific games in exchange for illicit profits.
NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Fitzgerald said in a press conference that one player paid junior players up to 10,000 Australian dollars or over $6,500 in exchange for receiving yellow cards. Police added that a senior figure within the criminal group was acting under the instruction and direction of an organized crime figure currently offshore in South America.
Police arrested three A-league football players from one team in previous raids. They are ages 33, 32, and 27. The players’ identities have not been released. Local media have named the team as Macarthur FC and said that its 33-year-old team captain Ulises Dávila was arrested in South Coogee. He is a Mexican national. His teammates, 27-year-old Clayton Lewis is from New Zealand. Lastly, the 32-year-old Kearyn Baccus is from South Africa. The media identified them as the other two arrested.
It has believed by the authorities that the alleged scheme targeted matches on November 24, 2023 and December 9, 2023. Moreover, alleged attempts to influence yellow cards in games played on April 20, 2024, and May 4, 2024. The police added that these attempts have proven unsuccessful.
Fitzgerald added in the press conference that they took action because they were concerned that the principles involved in this matter would have left their shores in the coming days and weeks.