Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is engaging in talks. These talks are with regional executives across 20 independent regions and 100 municipalities. They are discussing the application of the changes from the new gambling decrees.

At the start of 2024, Italy announced its determination to revamp its gambling regulations. Authorities approved a new decree.This decree would substantially revise all gambling laws in the country and adjust them to the current trends.
Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has initiated discussions. These discussions involve regional executives in 20 independent regions and 100 municipalities. These discussions focus on determining the implementation of changes from the decrees aimed at reorganizing gambling.
Instructions have tasked the MEF with ensuring perfect alignment and implementation of the fresh federal laws on gambling. This applies across all of Italy’s autonomous regions and municipalities.
The changes will mainly have an impact on regional governments. They will consider applying the new regulations to retail gaming machines, betting shops, bingo halls, and arcades.
Establishing the minimum distance requirements is one of the main topics of discussion. These requirements will be between gambling outlets and sensitive locations mentioned in regional laws. This is in the current negotiation.
Correspondingly, the talks will also need to focus on changes related to the opening hours of gambling establishments. Additionally, they will address the distribution of slot machines and gaming outlets throughout the country’s municipalities.
The main focus remains on finding ways to improve the quality-related standards of gambling venues. Prioritizing this over simply implementing stricter distance regulations in sensitive areas.
Standardized minimum distance is still being lobbied by the country’s autonomous regions. As of now, the regulations that are in place in Italy vary between 250 to 500 meters. This goes from gambling venues to hospitals, schools, and other likewise sensitive public places.