White Hat Studios has launched Win Spins with BetMGM. Win Spins is a promotional tool that has been developed to provide the customers with ‘guaranteed wins’ in the hopes of improving their experience with the operator.

This promotional tool will be exclusive to the operator. It will also work alongside the current free spin features.
The Win Spins feature will allow player to continue playing until they achieve a set number of winning spins. This is part of the offer.
Once the feature has been triggered, it will allocate a set number of winning spins to the player. This will guarantee this number up front.
This tool was developed by White Hat Studios in response to the standard industry free spins offers. Which, many players could find disappointing or fruitless.
Both White Hat Studios and BetMGM anticipate that this will improve player acquisition and retention rates. This was due to the guarantee that the players will win some amount of spins.
Armen Tatarevic is White Hat Studios VP Gaming. He said that while the United States online sportsbook sector is driven by innovations and fierce bonusing competition, the digital casino market is trailing behind its ‘older brother’.
By introducing Win Spins, White Hat Studios are modernizing the way in which players receive promotional rewards and making them far more enjoyable.
Tatarevic also added how excited they are to have launched Win Spins initially with BetMGM and they have seen fantastic player engagement from the initial campaigns.
As is it rolls across the first states included in the offer, the Win Spins promotional tool will be a timed exclusive to a BetMGM.
The promotional toll will be made available to any further operators once this exclusivity expires.
Just before new year, White Hat Studios celebrated its 40th operator deployment in the United States.
The company is live in Michigan, Pennysilvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, and New Jersey.