Muhammad Apart Asadov is a Standoff 2 Absolute member. He shared his thoughts after the grand final of WINLINE EPIC Standoff 2 Season 10. The sportsman gave his words on Telegram:
“This nightmare is over, the first final in 450 days. With each match we became stronger and stronger, an excellent run-in tournament before the major. Of course we could have won, at least the captain made all the conditions for victory.
I got what I wanted – I wanted to play for the absolute and with these players. But, alas, at this tournament I failed very often and failed to cope with the most basic tasks. I believe nothing teaches better than a bad experience, and I have made my conclusions and will continue to do so. I would just like to thank my teammates. I love my guys very much and am happy that I played in this tournament.
In the decisive match of WINLINE EPIC Standoff 2 Season 10, absolute turned out to be weaker than FORZE. With a score of 1:2, the meeting ended. The Apart earned 250 thousand Russian rubles for its performance.
From May 30 to June 9, WINLINE EPIC Standoff 2 Season 10 took place online. Ten teams competed for the one million rubles prize fund.