GG.Bet and Team Vitality have stated that they are both planning an online and ‘large-scale offline’ events for the fans and supporters. Given that, GG.Bet has extended its partnership with Team Vitality into a new year.

The initial partnership between these two companies was founded in 2022 and will make its way to continue into 2024.
Ever since then, the two organizations have worked on different projects. One of these projects is the V.Hive mobile blockchain app.

A spokesperson for GG.Bet has given a statement as part of this release. According to him, since they first joined forces, GG.Bet has supported Team Vitality all the way to the top.
Team Vitality has won major tournaments. This includes the CS:GO Blast.TV Paris Major 2023, and finished the last season as the strongest team on the planet.
In 2023, GG.Bet’s project engaged over 150 million fans on social media, and their work has not only inspired, but also motivated other market players to do more to support the esports industry.
Another collaboration was the ‘Match of LeGGends’. This is a show match between the two teams partnered with GG.Bet, Team Vitality, and Natus Vincere.
s1mple and ZywOo switched teams as part of this show match. This action was done to make it more entertaining for the fans.
As their players were handed over, this resulted in the teams being known in the match as ‘Navity’ and ‘Vitavi’.
Nicolas Maurer is the Team Vitality CEO. He said that they are very pleased to extend and expand their partnership with GG.Bet, as it is the major player in the esports scene.
From the very start of their cooperation, it was all about having fun and creating unmatched experiences for all the Counter-Strike fans.
Their meet and greet event in Rio gathered 3.5 million reach, and the unforgettable show match against Navi. To make the CS community shine and grow, they are looking forward to unveiling the exciting projects they’ll be putting in place over the next two years.
A few days prior to this announcement, GG.Bet confirmed that they would also continue its partnership with Natus Vincere.